Managing Redirects

Lifeboat allows developers to configure redirects to other URLs. This section modifies the nginx configuration to serve the redirect HTTP status codes. Developers may select the exact status code they wish to respond with from the configuration view.

Click the + button to create a new redirect, or select an existing redirect from the list and click the Configure button. Double clicking a redirect in the list can act as a shortcut to configure.

Select a domain and optionally enter a path. Note that this must match exactly and does not act as a wildcard. It is possible to configure a redirect at the root path, and a static files website as a subfolder.

Enter a URL to redirect to and select the HTTP Status code to respond with. The user friendly names are also displayed with the codes. Code 301 is the most friendly for SEO and should be used in most cases. Code 302 is more friendly if the target URL is likely to change. The other codes are included for completeness, but aren't widely used.

Click the Save button to save and update the remote nginx configuration.