Beta Information

Data Folder

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/me.timi.pluginspro

Win: \Users\you\AppData\Roaming\me.timi.pluginspro

Bugs, Issues, Feedback, Requests

Please report all bugs and issues to me! I welcome private messages by Email, Xojo Fourm, Discord, Twitter.

If you have a bitbucket account, you are more than welcome to file a ticket in the issue tracker!

"Export" for transfer

A planned upcoming feature, you can accomplish this by copying the data folder from one machine to another. Don't bring the settings.json file, but do bring the PluginsPro.sqlite database and Plugins folders.

On the target machine launch Plugins Pro and select your Xojo installation. Close Plugins Pro, replace the database and Plugins folder. Relaunch Plugins Pro. You should see your library. Use Tools > Migrate and re-select your Xojo installation to activate all the plugins into place. Goofy workaround, but it works for now.