Managing Forwarding

Lifeboat allows developers to make use of two different kinds of forwarding. The Forwarding list view displays two columns, the Address that visitors access and the Target URL of the forwarding action.

Click the [ + ] button to create a new forward, or select an existing forward from the list and click the Configure button. Double clicking a forward in the list can act as a shortcut to configure. To remove a forward select one from the list and click the [ - ] button. Both creating and deleting items can be done from the contextual click (right-click) menu.


Redirects will send the visitor to the target URL, changing the URL in the browser. More information on configuring redirects.

Reverse Proxy

Reverse Proxy forwarding will pass the visitor's request invisibly through nginx. The URL does not change in the browser. This can be used to run additional types of web applications on the server. More information on configuring reverse proxy forwarding.

What do symbols after the URLs mean?

The list view will display an asterisk (*) after the address to indicate that the Wildcard Redirect feature is enabled. Similarly, the list view will display $1 to indicate that captured wildcards are being appended to the target URL. These are display markers only and do not affect the actual values.