Super Simple Sync


This feature is called Super Simple Sync for a reason. This feature does two things:

  1. Copies Lifeboat.db out of a cloud-sync folder before connecting at launch if the cloud file modification date is newer
  2. Copies Lifeboat.db back into a cloud-sync folder after disconnecting immediately before the software terminates gracefully

This means it does not do live sync, can not sync between two active instances, and can very easily lose data if used incorrectly. Do not attempt to use two instances of Lifeboat sharing a Super Simple Sync database at the exact same time. That could end really poorly.


Click the checkbox to enable Super Simple Sync.

Select a folder when prompted, or click the Select... button on the file selector. Select a directory Lifeboat can copy Lifeboat.db into. Lifeboat cannot configure a sync folder that is open in another location.

To confirm you've read the manual, hold the Control and Shift key while selecting File > Super Simple Sync...

The Lockfile

There is a lockfile used to be sure only one Lifeboat instance is connected at any given time. If you are having trouble due to this lockfile, turn invisibles on and delete the file called .Lifeboat.lockfile from the cloud sync folder.