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Plugins Pro

A piece of programming to preside over your Xojo plugins

Juggling more than a handful of plugins can be a challenge. Plugins Pro is designed to ease the process of managing Xojo plugins.

Offering the concept of plugin sets, developers can quickly enable or disable multiple plugins quickly and easily. With free online version checking, never before has it been so easy to stay up to date.

Plugins Pro is jam-packed with features for the avid plugin user.


  • Displays installed plugin version numbers
  • Check for updates online for free
  • Install plugins with drag & drop
  • Enable or disable plugins without uninstalling them
  • Manage plugin license keys and renewal dates
  • Download manager integration on macOS
  • Bonus, vendor specific features!
  • Decrypt Einhugur plugins
  • Update just your installed MBS subset with ease
  • Update GraffitiSuite classes with the project update wizard

Plugins Pro Requirements


10.14 (Mojave) — 14.1 (Sonoma)


Windows 10 & 11


Plugins Pro is a free side project so it could take me longer to get to your email, but I will at some point! Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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