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Change logs made easy

VersionTracker is a tool to help developers maintain and generate version history logs. Featuring multiple export formats and a handful of automatic functions, writing change logs has never been easier.

Designed to fit any workflow, language, or platform, VersionTracker can simplify your release process.


  • Automatic version incrementing when possible
  • Easily set release dates with one click
  • Copy notes from the list as plain text
  • Drag, drop, rearrange versions and changes
  • Customize change type verbs; sort into groups
  • Reference notes to store commit or ticket IDs
  • Command line generation for automated pipelines

Change log

What's the HTML export format look like?

VersionTracker Change Log


VersionTracker is a free side project so it could take me longer to get to your email, but I will at some point! Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Export Formats

  • Creates a changes table for DocuWiki pages. The header is the save file name with Title Case applied.
  • HTML
  • The HTML export format is designed to be simple but functional. Easily style the log with CSS.
  • Markdown
  • A basic Markdown plain text format based on the NetSparkle example.
  • Plain Text
  • A simple text format that many software listing websites prefer.
  • Request custom formats
  • If you have needs for your own custom import or export format send me an email :)