A complete licensing system written entirely in Xojo code

This complete licensing system makes it easy for Xojo developers to integrate desktop software protection with online activation, customer management,  and automatic order fulfillment. TPLM was designed to fill the gap between the payment processor and product activation.

In part, TPLM is a Xojo Web app that manages customers, products, keys, and subscriptions. The web app also listens for order fulfillment requests and will generate license keys for authenticated providers. Additionally the web app handles online activation requests from the desktop module.

The Desktop DRM module offers a simple interface for developers to protect their software. Integration is easy, the web app generates a project file configured for the product automatically. A developer only needs to copy the TPLM module into their project to use it.

Currently TPLM integrates instantly with FastSpring.

TPLM Dashboard

The Web Panel

After authenticating, users will find the web panel is organized into five basic sections. The overview page offers a condensed dashboard of information.

Products - Manage the products protected by this system

Keys - View, disable, and check the history of product keys

SaaS - Create, list, and manage subscription licenses

Customers - List and edit customers, view keys by customer

Webhooks - Create and manage product fulfillment webhooks

Activity Log - Review action history to ensure security and smooth operations

Backups - TPLM comes equipped with an automated backup system. Every 24 hours the system will automatically back up the database if any records have changed. The backup can be downloaded through the web panel.

The web panel allows users to manage the back end of their protection system. Developers can remotely deactivate machines, issue new keys, and manage customer records to easily provide customer support.

The Desktop Library

The TPLM Desktop Library is a module that comes preconfigured in a demo project. The library offers developers a simple interface for checking license validity and online product key activation.

TPLM handles saving and loading product keys from disk, as well as uniquely identifying the hardware for optional machine locked activation.

The Desktop Library is entirely Xojo code and does not require any Plugins.

TPLM desktop module

Key Features

  • Web panel to manage customers, products, keys, and subscriptions
  • Online product key activation (and remote deactivation)
  • Optional hardware locked product activation
  • Individually managed product key seat count
  • Generates Xojo project to instantly integrate the DRM
  • Product key fulfillment Webhooks for FastSpring
  • Subscription integration Webhooks for FastSpring

Supported Licensing Models

  • Major Version - Each new version is a new product
  • Updates Period - License data contains an expiration date
  • Subscription - Short term expiring license with scheduled re-billing

Demo and Ordering

TPLM is a professionally developed piece of software. To provide solutions for all skill levels this system is offered with two different maintenance models.

The Service model offers a managed TPLM server instance which can simplify deployment. Both models include the source code for the desktop module.

The Source model offers the source code for the TPLM web panel. Developers can adapt the panel to their needs and run their own server instance.

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  • Managed TPLM server

  • Desktop DRM Module

  • Unlimited Products

  • Unlimited Activations

  • Unlimited Subscriptions

  • FastSpring Webhooks


  • Access to source code for Web dashboard

  • Desktop DRM Module

  • Unlimited Products

  • Unlimited Activations

  • Unlimited Subscriptions

  • FastSpring Webhooks