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Deploy and manage Xojo Web apps on your Linux server

Lifeboat makes it simple to deploy and manage your Xojo Web applications on a Linux server. Connect to a fresh server and Lifeboat will install the components necessary to run and manage Xojo Web apps.

Lifeboat offers many features to save developers time and energy!

  • Designed for Xojo Web 1.0 and 2.0
  • Upload and configure web apps without additional tools
  • Manage multiple web apps on one server
  • Easily configure load balancing
  • Serve static files and images with nginx
  • Install free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt
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Simplify SSL

Fetch SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt for free

Lifeboat automates the retrieval, installation, and renewal of SSL certificates. With no cost for the developer, certificates are issued by the Let's Encrypt project. Lifeboat schedules regular renewals of all certificates on the server.

Take the headaches out of securing your web app, Lifeboat makes it a simple popup menu.

Updates Made Easy

Smart upload system keeps downtime at a minimum

Lifeboat is equipped with an efficient upload system that identifies files that have not changed. Libraries that have not changed on the server are duplicated instead of being re-uploaded. Once uploaded, the smart staging system is able to Stop 'n' Swop the web app for just seconds of downtime.

Lifeboat Web App configuration view
Lifeboat listing remote files with the static files view

Performance and Speed

Configure load balancing and serve static files

Set up load balancing by increasing the running instances of your web app. Lifeboat handles the configuration files, port assignments, and system services.

Serve static files from nginx to offload stress from the Xojo Web App. This allows professionals to serve additional resources faster. Serving resources from nginx can improve Web App speed and loading times.

Let Lifeboat oversee your server and take a load off ;-)

Deployment Walkthrough Videos

Supported Servers

Operating Systems

CentOS 7
Debian 9 & 10
Ubuntu 18.04

Tested Providers

Amazon Lightsail
Digital Ocean

Lifeboat Requirements


10.11 - 10.15


Windows 10

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