Static Files Options

The Options tab modifies the nginx behavior for the specific Static Files address. It is possible to have a Static Files with a web path that is within another Static Files configuration. This allows for finer tuning of settings for specific web paths.

Enable index.html behavior

Toggles whether nginx will serve index.html automatically when a visitor accesses a directory. When PHP is enabled the configuration will favor index.html before checking index.php.

The exact order of precedence is index.html before index.htm then index.php.

  • Enable this for standard website behavior

Enable PHP

Lifeboat is able to enable and disable PHP for individual Static Files configurations. This checkbox toggles whether or not nginx will execute PHP scripts. When disabled, PHP scripts will be returned as plain text!

  • Possible security concern

This checkbox is not visible when PHP is not installed. More details on installing PHP with Lifeboat.

mod_rewrite Options

The mod_rewrite options are akin to .htaccess directives. These are necessary to help some PHP scripts function. The associated software should be installed in the path specified as "Source Path".

Supported software:

  • Grav - A flat-file markdown CMS
  • MantisBT - The REST API endpoints for Mantis Bug Tracker
  • Sendy - Self hosted newsletter software
  • YOURLS - Your Own URL Shortener

If you have a need for other scripts please contact support!