This tool will install PHP and several common modules. Should you discover a module you depend on is missing, please contact support.

View Logs

The View Logs button will show you the PHP error log. Refer to the PHP documentation to find out what gets logged to this file.

Update Modules

If this button is visible, there are new modules available for this Lifeboat server. As other developers needs grow the core modules installed by Lifeboat expand. Clicking this button will install the additional modules.

Should you discover you need an additional module for something to operate, please don't hesitate to contact support!

Why this version of PHP?

The version of PHP that Lifeboat will offer to install is dictated by the package manager for the Linux system. The PHP version will vary from flavor to flavor. For all supported flavors this is at least PHP 7.0.

CentOS 7 users should note that although the yum package for php installs PHP 5, Lifeboat will use a newer version and install PHP 7.3.