Getting Started

Initial Launch

On macOS the very first step is to drag Plugins out of your Downloads folder. This will remove the Translocation quarantine flag, allowing Plugins Pro to operate normally.

The first time you launch Plugins Pro the software will need to be set up. Some simple messages will appear with basic instructions. When the folder selection dialog appears navigate to your Xojo installation and select the Plugins folder.

From there, Plugins Pro will also offer to import your existing plugins the first time. You can do this at any time with the Tools menu.

Permissions Check

At every launch Plugins Pro performs several permissions and access checks. Should there be an issue, Plugins Pro will alert you.

Plugins Pro may need to run with elevated to access your Plugins folder. On macOS this should be as simple as being logged in as an Administrator. On Windows, Plugins Pro.exe will need to be launched with permission. The installer should offer to set the "Run as Admin" flag for you.

On macOS, Plugins Pro will check to be sure it's not Translocated. You may need to to drag Plugins out of your Downloads folder.

Importing Existing Plugins

Plugins Pro can import your existing plugins. It will offer to do so at the first launch, but this can be done at any time by selecting the item from the Tools menu.

It is important to note that the Import function is designed to take over your Xojo plugin management. This means that importing will move the plugins being imported, regardless of your move / copy setting.

There are options for plugins to skip. Skipping plugins already managed by Plugins Pro means that if a plugin matches one in the library already that plugin will be skipped. Skipping Xojo database plugins will do just as it says and it is very recommended this remain selected.

Importing will skip the Managed folder every time, as well as skipping any decompressed plugins.

Importing will try to identify the vendor and sort the plugins into appropriate sets. Anything that can't be identified will be placed in an "Imported" set.