About Plugins Pro

Plugins Pro is designed to help you manage Xojo plugins in a more easy way. Use drag and drop to organize plugins into sets, then activate and deactivate individual plugins or entire sets. Plugins Pro can also check online for version updates and highlight outdated plugins. Manage versions, updates, licenses and more.

Main Interface

The Toolbar

Apply Changes - Use this button to apply the current activation state changes. Since plugin activation and deactivation are really file system operations, batching the changes makes managing your plugins a little bit easier.

License Manager - This button will open the license manager window. Plugins Pro offers several great features for managing plugin licenses.

Download Updates - When updates are available this button will help you download them all at once.

Check For Updates - Check online for plugin updates. To check for the latest version of Plugins Pro, use the menu item.

The Window

Plugin Sets - The left side of the window is a list of plugin sets. The [ + | - ] buttons below the list will add and remove plugin sets. Right-click the set list to display or hide plugin set counts.

Plugins - The right side of the window is the list of plugins installed for the currently selected Plugin Set. Select a plugin set to see the plugin list and [ + | - ] buttons.