Manage License Codes

Click the License Manager key icon in the toolbar to open the License Manager. The License Manager window has a list on the left for your licenses. The right side will show the license details with an entry selected.

Click the add / plus symbol below the list to add a new license. At this time Plugins Pro supports license codes for Einhugur and MBS. Select the appropriate vendor and enter the license details. Vendor specific features are available, and the expiration date is parsed for both vendors!

If you copy the license details from the email from the vendor and Plugins Pro finds the details on your clipboard a "Paste" button will appear. Click this button to instantly fill the details from your clipboard.

Einhugur License Features

Einhugur license codes can be validated within Plugins Pro. The expiration date is available to help track when your updates period ends. Valid licenses are used to decrypt the full version of Einhugur plugins when you install them. Be sure to add your Einhugur license!

MBS License Features

The expiration date is available for all plugin types to help track when your updates period ends. Plugins Pro offers a code generation function for MBS license codes. The obfuscated license code generated by Plugins Pro keeps your plain details out of the compiled binary per Christian's email. The obfuscation code is based on the obfuscation IDE script written by Kem Tekinay.