Manage Your Plugins

With a plugin set selected on the left, the list of plugins installed for that set becomes visible on the right. The plugin list has two columns and a checkbox for each row. The plugin name column has a checkbox which represents the activated state of the plugin. The plugin version column indicates when a plugin is out of date by coloring the version text in red and making it bold.

Plugin Activation

Checked plugins are active, meaning the File.xojo_plugin is placed in the Plugins folder for Xojo to find.

Unchecked plugins are inactive, meaning they are still installed into Plugins Pro's library but are not placed in the Plugins folder for Xojo to find.

This system of activation and deactivation enables the user to keep plugin files on disk, even if the plugin isn't needed at a certain time. Plugin activation state is preserved through plugin set activation state, making entire set activation and deactivation incredibly useful as well.

Changing activation state will enable the Apply Changes button. Make all the selections you'd like and apply changes in one easy motion. Apply Changes prior to changing the currently selected plugin set. Changing the plugin set selection will discard any unapplied changes!

Clicking the Apply Changes button will check to see if any plugins may collide with each other when activated. This is a best attempt, there are scenarios where it is possible to circumvent this system. Should two of the same plugin be activated this would cause a collision with Xojo and projects would fail to compile.

Plugin collisions are listed to the user, and the colliding instances aren't activated. Plugins Pro activates the plugins as an iterative process. Sets and plugins are sorted by name inside SQLite, and will be activated in the order you see them listed after a fresh "Apply Changes"

Plugin Installation

Installing plugins can be done in one of multiple ways. Mac users can take advantage of drag and drop. Drop plugin files on the plugins list to install them. Mac and Windows users can click the add / plus symbol below the plugin list to install plugins with a system provided open file dialog.

If you've added an Einhugur license in the License Manager, Plugins Pro can attempt to decrypt an encrypted .ecr plugin. This service will contact the Einhugur license server in the same way as using Registrator. I have worked closely with Björn to offer this authorized service to Plugins Pro users. We hope you enjoy using the app!

You can change whether a plugin is activated when installed in Preferences. Plugins that would cause a collision with an active plugin are always installed in a deactivated state.